Are You Questioning the Right People ?

  These past weeks in Humanities Core Lecture, we have been learning about Gandhi, and Savakar who differ in respect to the ethical use of violence. However, why is it that the violent action of Empires are overshadowed by the manner in which people decide to protest. How is that the violence, and oppression of Empire is deemed as normal,…

The Greater Prospero

Most people know about Shakespeare and his work such as the Tempest. But have you heard of a real life and arguably improved version of Prospero? No, well I thought so too, until yesterday while I was scrolling through Netflix, I noticed the Netflix original show Juana Ines. Boom.  My mind suddenly flashed back to AP Spanish and to an…

10 Line Poem

Reaction to the Tempest


Was there a time that was Right ?

Where her body was her own

Without them supervising, medalling,

claiming to protect, taming her potential.

For her own good?  


She may not even know it

So in love with the magic,

Unaware of what is expected of her after.

Is it even really love,

when there was no other choice?



Felicity Jones as Miranda

Dishonesty for your own good ?

We allow ourselves to believe the best in our leaders, role models, and fail to see the truth that would shatter the pristine image we have of them. For this reason, it is that Empires are built on the lies and illusions of what really took place. Not many of us are willing to question our leaders, role models, and…

Coercion or Consent?

One reoccurring concept that caught my attention this quarter is the building of empire through consent or coercion. Consent, allowing someone to take over you, was first introduced to us by through the Aeneid. Empire building through coercion was much more talked about during the second half of Humanities Core with concepts such as American manifest destiny. Learning about these concepts…

Princess of China

Edward Said argues in “Orientalism” that the predominant conception in Western society about the of the Orient, uses culture and politics interlinked to create a perception of Western dominance. In his work, Said explains that the West preserves the Orient, as exotic, romantic, yet dependent, and inferior than the West. One modern example of the romanticized Orient, is the collaborative music video…


This past Tuesday my residents and I gathered around the television to see the 2016 presidential election results. We watched in confusion as the Electoral map turned red. The candidate who fueled the hatred of the American people against each other, a symbol of separation, had won the election. Watching this event unfold felt like a joke, but I could…