Humanities Core Reflection

My first year at UCI was like being like dropped in the middle of the ocean panicking … and then learning to breath underwater to discovering a whole new world. The way I think has been constantly challenged, and clashing with the people around me. I’m very thankful to have been at UCI this year. The Humanities Core program has challenged and opened my eyes the struggles that Empires have faced over time. Not just empire, but more specifically people from all around the world who share common struggle of being perceived from a inaccurate outside lens.

There were times in which I felt that Hum Core was too much for me. I felt that I tried really hard during fall quarter and didn’t received the grades that I had hoped for.  During the winter I wanted to drop the course, but it was too late after the deadline for me to do it. So I stuck to it with a new professor and a bit of disappointment from the fall.  It was not until the middle of Winter that I felt myself really trying again. I liked that I was given more freedom for my blog, and was assigned to a write poem. I’m progressively have found my voice through this program. I see the importance that I hold as individual to start telling my story and how I feel.

My favorite assignment was the investigative journalism piece about my RA Byron Barahona (also posted on this blog), I love individual oral histories. This paper was the most meaningful to write because as I did my interview I realized things that I had assumed where not correct. It reinforced the idea that it’s wrong to generalize histories, and it makes me want to tell my own story. The research paper, has definitely been the most demanding to write. Everyone keeps telling me that “it should be easy you can literally write about anything”, but for me its not. I want the things I write about to be meaningful to me. I struggle with confidence in my writing and I take a long to write because I want to make sure that I am giving the things I am writing about all the credit they deserve.

Overall I’m really happy that I stayed in Humanities Core, I’ve seen myself grow and become more confident with my work and projects.



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